Troubled Teens Boarding School Troubled Teens Boarding School Troubled Teens Boarding School
Troubled Teens Boarding School Troubled Teens Boarding School Troubled Teens Boarding School
Troubled Teens Boarding School Troubled Teens Boarding School Troubled Teens Boarding School

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Troubled Teens Boarding School
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Troubled Teens Boarding Schools
Troubled Teens Boarding Schools
Troubled Teens Boarding Schools
Knowing Why, When, and How to Find a School for Your Teen

This page is dedicated to helping other families realize that are good people out there that actually care about helping teens and getting them in a safe secure environment. It is a crazy world out there and alot of people are after the all mighty dollar instead of actually finding the right program for the family that is struggling. Our Integrity is to high, here at Parent Solutions, therefore we have the adolescents well being first and foremost. Don't just take our word for it please read what others have said about us and make your own decision from there. We welcome any comments as this will help us better grow and serve families to the best of our ability. We are here to help and will dedicate everything we can to getting your family back to together and helping your precious child.
Parent Solutions Staff


Now that there have been a couple of days to catch our breath, Tom and I want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for what you did for our family on Thursday.  Once we made the painful decision to have our daughter enrolled in a therapeutic boarding school, one of the biggest concerns was how in the world we would get her there safely.  Heck, we didn’t even know where she was!  You were so reassuring and professional; it was especially comforting to know you have done this so many times.  The constant communication on your way to Los Angeles kept us focused on the task at hand.   We only had one chance at this working, and we put our faith completely in you.    Although my husband and I were equally scared, once we met you and Jamie we knew that everything would be ok.  Somehow, you managed to get our daughter into the car willingly, with caring, gentle words.  Our hope and prayer is that that car ride will change the course of her life.  I can’t tell you enough how we appreciated your updates throughout your night drive with her to Arizona.  Of course, we didn’t sleep, but we knew how she was doing the whole time due to your constant updates.  This is a must for parents going through this petrifying time.  When your text finally said, “She’s in the school now and resting in bed,” we felt for the first time in 2 years a weight off our shoulders.  We know the hard work that still awaits us, but we just wanted to thank you for everything.  You handled the situation with such professionalism, care and dignity. 

Moria & Tom

Hi Dan,Parent Solutions was awesome, very professionaland caring people. When we first called and spokewith Chelsea, she answered all of our questions.And we called back several times and she was right there for us. When we made our decision,Chelsea arranged all plane tickets to setting us up with the escort service. Dan & Owen were very professional and knew what we were goingthrough.  They scored very high in our book.  Wehad so many fears about our son being escorted to Choteau Youth Ranch, from yelling and screamingto physical violence. Its a very tough time, the stress level is already through the roof. Dan & Owenkept us informed all the way, explained how thingswould go and what to expect, they were very positive. After an introduction to our son they tookover, there was no yelling or fighting and it was promptly over in minutes.  They continued to inform us of their progress all the way through to delivery.Dan & Owen were a very positive experience duringa time of total stress and frustration. Thank you for helping our family.Paul and Cheryl OrlandoSnohomish, Washington

Paul and Cheryl Orlando

Thank you so much. DeLee and I know God guided you to us, there is no other explanation. Blaine is now in safe and loving environment where he can recover and grow spiritually and beat his addiction problems. Owen and Dan were awesome. They were so professional and caring in a time where we were scared to death. I can't say enough good things about them. Owen called me at each stop with an update, and how Blaine was doing and what he was feeling. I awaited each call eagerly. I want to do a testimonial to highlight what I think of them and your organization. Ron and his staff are incredible. I can't believe the great opportunity that God has brought to Blaine through Ron and The Youth Ranch. I will forever be in your debt for what you have done for my son! He is finally on the road to recovery.

Thanks Ron

Ron D. Potter



Dear Chelsea and Dan:

First of all, Chelsea, we want to thank you for the advance information in regards to school choices for our daughter.  It was a really helpful way to start narrowing down the mountains of information, and between the parent references provided by you and then by the school, we were able to make a decision (which is amazing considering how stressed and uncertain we were feeling).  That was the first step. 

The second step which was by far even harder was making the actual decision about when and how to get our daughter to the school.  Maybe it was just happenstance, or maybe a bit of luck on our side, but when we called the Director of the school and asked "how fast can we do this ?", we were incredibly amazed to find that he was with Dan right then, and the speed and efficiency with which both the school Director and Dan worked was amazing.  Within an hour and a half of our initial phone call, Dan had found flights and arranged to get from Utah to California to pick our daughter up.

With a few emails beforehand and text messaging all the way from Utah to California, Dan was able to get paperwork done and get us prepared for the transport.  Although I cannot begin to describe what a scary and emotional experience this was, Dan’s obvious experience and calm manner was an incredible comfort to us.  From the time they left our house until they arrived with our daughter at her destination airport, Dan stayed in constant contact with us by phone and text messaging – even sending us a picture message from their stopover airport.  After that we were in touch with the school Director until they all  arrived safely at her final destination.  

Although we would never wish this experience upon any parent, we would like to express my gratitude to Dan for understanding the position we were in, and caring for our needs, as well as for our daughter’s.


R & K

Los Angeles, CA


P.S.  we just got our first letter...she sounds good, so keep your fingers crossed, she's on her way to a better, happier, smarter life !!




I would recommend Parent Solutions and Dan Dekker to any parent struggling with a troubled teen. Dan went above and beyond to get my son into The Academy. He was honest and sincerely concerned about my son. This was probably the most difficult decision as a parent I could ever make. Dan was patient with all my questions and concerns. The schools he deals with are the finest. We traveled halfway across the country to place my son in Utah and Dan was there for us every step of the way. There are a lot of scams out there that pray on desperate parents but I can truly say that Dan Dekker and Parent Solutions are the real deal.They saved my son's life.Rena Harrington

Rena Harrington

Hi Dan,

Just wanted to say hello.  I don't know if you have seen Ryan lately but he is doing great.  We get to come to Utah around August 29th to have a visit.  Ryan will be turning   18 and he will be receiving his diploma.  I am so proud of him.  When we enrolled him in (*******) in January the thought of a diploma was the farthest thing from Ryan's mind.  He has come so far but still has a ways to go.  But I feel so optimistic about his future.  We went to court and they have suspended his probation for another 6 months and if he continues to do so well they might even drop all charges and seal his record as if nothing ever happened.  That would be the best outcome.  I thank God everyday that we found you, (********) and all the staff there.   It has truly saved Ryan's life. 

I still e-mail with Rena.  Sometimes 3 or 4 times a day.  She is struggling right now about when Justin gets to come home.  We support each other and try to make things easier.  We are both e-mailing a mother who had a son complete the program at (********).  He name is (*******) and her son was Michael.  He has been out of the program for a year and is doing good.  It gives us hope that things can be good when our boys come home.   

I have taken up enough of your time.  Hope you are having a good summer.  I keep track of the weather there and I don't know how you can stand the heat.  We get over 75 and I am dying. Anyway, if you happen to see Ryan give him a hug for me.  Thank you for being such a great person.  We appreciate you and everyone at (*******) everyday. 


Mary Seefeldt

I wanted to take a second and write a little testimonial of our experience working with Parent Solutions and Dan Dekker. Our family was in crisis and it was hard to make that phone call and cry for help. The first place I called was Parent Solutions and I have never been more pleased. They answered my call with compassion, empathy, and sincere desire to help me and my family. In an urgent situation they were able to enroll our son in a boarding school and get him in before it was to late. Our son has never been better! We recently visited him and he has changed so much that we now have the once sweet young man we once knew. We recommend Parent Solutions and Dan Dekker to any parent that is struggling with there child. We have told Dan that he can use us as a parent referal because we have been so pleased with his service that we will tell any family about it. Thanks so much dan and keep up the good work!!!


The Chapmans

Vickie Chapman

Dear Dan: 

Sorry I haven't gotten back to you earlier.  Ben and I would like to thank you and your staff for transporting Zachary safely and notifying us all along the way.  We appreciated your professionalism and advice during this difficult time.  Please feel free to use us as a reference.

 Again thank you so much for helping us during our hard time and we recommend you and your team to anyone out there searching for help.

Best Regards,

B. Wenninger

Ben & Barbara Wenninger

Dan & Owen,

We just wanted to take a second and thank you for making this decision easier for our family. I feel that without this intervention andrew would have gone off the deep end and we would not have got him back. All in all we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being so honest and sincere with us through this whole ordeal. We highly recommend Parent Solutions to any families that are in need of guidance and want to find the best boarding school to fit their childs needs. We know without a doubt that we made the right decision and we couldnt have done it without owen and dans help.

Thanks so much guys keep up the great work....

The Seymours

The Seymours

Mr. Dekker,

 I dont want to take up to much of your time but i feel it neccessary to thank you for all you have done for me and my family. Our son was absolutely out of control and I almost lost my job due to his outburst anger. he was causiong turmoil not only in our home but others he would come in contact with. I just want to thank you for taking the time to guide us in the right direction. I can't tell you how many companies I contacted but out of all of them you were the most sincere and kind of them all. I just did a visit with my sons Case Manager and he is doing so good at the program. Thanks so much for all your help and I definitely recommend Parent Solutions and Dan Dekker to any parents that are in need of help. Dan will find the right school for you just put your trust in him.

Thanks So Much,

The Ogilivie Family

The Ogilivie Family



Parent Solutions did an excellent job helping us with our son during some very troubling times for us as a family.  They were very great at working with us to find our son a place where he can get the help that he needs.  The staff that  Parent Solutions sent to our home to pick up our son were very professional and experienced.  They helped ease our fears about the whole process.  They also showed that they knew what they were doing and the transport of our son went very smoothly.  At the end of the flight our son gave them a hug and thanked them. We would be happy to discuss this with anyone who has doubts about Parent Solutions.  Just ask them to give you our contact information. Thanks again,

S. Bruce


Hi Dan,

Hope all is well in Choteau youth ranch!

Just wanted to let you know that Yan has finally graduated High School and passed all the exit exams. 8) I did not think it was going to happen as he was approximately 2 years behind at the beginning of the school year. But anyway I just wanted to thank you guys for all the work you have done, as my goal for Yan  has been accomplished and I don't think I would be able to do that without your help.

Please say hello from me to everyone at the ranch.

Inna Robbins

Inna Robbins


 Thanks so much for getting my daughter to The Academy of Eastern Arizona safely. Upon visiting the facility I knew right off that this is where she is supposed to be. I want to thank you for your professionalism and caring attitude with my daughter because this is the hardest decision I had to make and you made the decision that much easier. Thank you again for all you have done for us our family will forever be debted to you. If you ever have families that want to know more about what you have done for us or even just talk about our experience with you please give them our number or email and we are more than willing to discuss what went on with your great company. We highly recommend Parent Solutions LLC and Owen Leifson for getting your teen the help they need.

Thanks Again,

The Humphry's

Humphry Family


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