Troubled Teens Boarding School Troubled Teens Boarding School Troubled Teens Boarding School
Troubled Teens Boarding School Troubled Teens Boarding School Troubled Teens Boarding School
Troubled Teens Boarding School Troubled Teens Boarding School Troubled Teens Boarding School

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Troubled Teens Boarding School
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Troubled Teens Boarding Schools
Adolescent Behavior
Troubled Teens Boarding Schools
Knowing Why, When, and How to Find a School for Your Teen

Teen Intervention

Teen Intervention for Behavioral Issues

A teen Intervention is a proven method that works. It shifts families out of crisis and into solution and moves their loved ones to Treatment that helps. The intervention process breaks through denial and motivates the one in crisis to seek treatment they so desperately need. This is achieved by having a highly trained and skilled interventionist who facilitates the process.The approach through Intervention is one of love, respect, and concern for the teen involved. We offer teen intervention services (boardingschools-troubledteen) to the needs and circumstances of the adolescent or teenager in your life. Teens often make poor decisions which warranty an intervention for there Behavior Problem.
Some of those hasty decisions may involve cheating in school; skipping class; using alcohol, tobacco, or illegal drugs; going somewhere or being with someone that you do not approve of; or driving too fast. But the consequences can include losing your trust, letting down friends, getting into trouble, hurting education and job prospects, causing illness or injury, or leading to other reckless behavior.

How Teen Intervention Works

We research and gather all the information about your troubled teen, from you the parent, and then look at all of the data to see which treatment options are going to be the most clinically appropriate for your adolescent. The Therapist and the Program Director work together on constructing either a 12 step method for treatment or a detailed treatment plan to help with the Intervention. The Therapist and Program Director will then facilitate a meeting with the Parents via email or phone, and discuss in detail what actions need to take place to get your teen the treatment that is needed. Some parents worry that they are not going to be able to get their adolescent to a Boarding School by themselves, so we offer a transport team that will help in the Intervention process. Our transport team is very therapeutic, therefore the transition from home to the boarding school is smooth.

Signs that your Teen Made Need Intervention

If you notice a change in your teen's normal activities or behavior, and you cannot explain it as due to the typical issues of adolescent behavior, it may be a sign of alcohol or substance abuse. Pay attention to changes in your teens appearance, friends and peer group, way of expressing him or herself, school performance, extracurricular activities or hobbies, and overall behavior. You may be in need of Intervention (boardingschools-troubledteens) before its to late!

If your troubled teen now refuses to do chores, misses curfew regularly, creates a chaotic and hostile environment in the home, and frequently appears to be depressed, agitated, or "sleepy," you should investigate further, maintain clear channels of communication, and set clear boundaries and rules and prepare for Intervention.
Signs to Notice if your Teen Needs Intervention:
Change in Sleeping Patterns
Locking Bedroom Door
Bloodshot Eyes
Change in Peer Groups and Close Friends
Slurred Speech or Easily Aggitated
Overall Hygiene is slipping
Change in Clothes and Appearence
Unusual Smell on Clothing or Breath
Constant Sneaking out of the Home
Repeated Complaints from Teachers
Emotionally Unstable
Skipping School or Always Tardy
Secretive Behavior
Depressed and Sleeping Alot

All these are signs that your adolescent needs Intervention into a Boarding School, Therapeutic School, or Military Academy immediately. The longer you wait the more severe his/her issues become and may lead to Juvenile Detention or worse "Death".

Exceptional help is available. Allow us to help you find options that can bring relief to you, and true help to your troubled teen that is struggling with an addiction and needs Intervention. Give us a call (866) 698-3362 today!


Don't hesitate in contacting us. We want to help you, and your family and/or friends, with all your questions. Contact us at any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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