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In manufacturing , an undercut is a special type of recessed surface. In turning , it refers to a recess in a diameter. In machining , it refers to a recess in a corner. In molding , it refers to a feature that cannot be molded using only a single pull mold. In printed circuit board , construction it refers to the portion of the copper that is etched away under the photoresist . In welding , it refers to undesired melting and removal of metal near the weld bead.

One of the early proposals to handle the Gettier Problem involved adding a fourth condition to knowledge that excludes inferences from or dependence on any false beliefs (Shope, 1983, pp. 81-118). But Gettier cases can be generated where there is neither an inference from nor dependence on any false beliefs (Steup, 1996, pp. 15-16). So other strategies must be employed to deal with Gettier counterexamples. One of these strategies employs the concept of defeasibility or defeaters (Lehrer and Paxson, 1969; Swain, 1974; Shope, 1983).