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Ravage Ritual was formed 2011 in Seinäjoki, Finland. After a few smaller releases and the first full-length “Soul Eater”, this year will mark the release of their second full-length, entitled “Higher Power”. Influenced by bands like Integrity, Kickback, Arkangel, and Bolt Thrower, "Higher Power" forms a coalition of pure negative energy and northern darkness.

09.12.2015 - Germany, Trier @ Exhaus 10.12.2015 - UK, Bristol @ The Fleece 11.12.2015 - UK, London @ The Dome 12.12.2015 - UK, Manchester @ Sound Control 13.12.2015 - Holland, Rotterdam @ Baroeg 14.12.2015 - Switzerland, Zürich @ Dynamo 15.12.2015 - Germany, Munich @ Backstage 16.12.2015 - Italy, Brescia @ Circolo Colony 17.12.2015 - Slovenia, Nova Gorica @ Mostovna 18.12.2015 - Czech Republic, Prague @ Nová Chmelnice 19.12.2015 - Poland, Warsaw @ Progresja