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(This cap from Episode 1 of The Story of Hyang Dan cracks me up. Choi Shi Won’s expression here is priceless as his Mong Ryong ignores bimbotastic Chun Hyang for the sweet and plucky Hyang Dan.)

Bruh! Dec 01 2016 9:45 am I thought I would get over this drama in a couple of months after watching it. But I still feel the nostalgia! I really miss the cast, I'm so close to re-watching it. It's like a part of me died after finishing this... Ugh, I praise and adore this high quality drama!!!

A perfect man, Kong Ki-Tae ( Yeon Woo-Jin ), is forced to marry by his family, but he doesn't to marry. To make his family give up, he introduces a woman, Joo Jang-Mi ( Han Groo ), to them that they would never accept.

Hey Javabeans, Since you’re such a fan of Coffee Prince, have you checked out Gong Yoo’s previous work in Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy? He was really adorable in that too.