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Troubled Teens Boarding Schools
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What Makes A Teen Suicide

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Suicide among teens has become an alarmingly increasing phenomenon during the past years. One out of three teen deaths is Teen suicide. But what determines adolescents to take their own lives? Right now there is no flawless theory about what makes a Teen Suicide. There is no way to be 100% sure if an adolescent that threatens to take his life is going to go through with it.

The best that psychologist can do is determine the main risk factors that will determine an adolescent with suicidal thoughts to actually commit a Teen Suicide. The top five risk factors known up to know are depression, substance abuse, behavioral problems, availability of a gun, and previous suicide attempts. These factors, if added up to the right circumstances may be able to push the teenager to the point where he will go through with his suicidal intentions.

First of all, it is a difficult task to recognize depression in a teenager, because adolescence is a difficult part of everyone's lives. Changes that determine the evolution from childhood to adolescence may be well confused with a depression that can determine a Teen Suicide. Some signs like change of appetite and sleep patterns, loss of interest for any type of activity, social withdrawal and self-inflicted punishment are not to be taken lightly. They are the indicators the teen is going through a very traumatizing experience and the parents or guardians of the child should take action unless they want to have a Teen Suicide on their conscience.

In order to cope with depression, more and more teenagers resort to alcohol and drugs. But what they do not know until it is too late is that drugs and alcohol effects are just temporary inhibitors and their long-term effects just add to state of sorrow they're experiencing. An either drunk or high person is more likely to commit Teen Suicide, the reason being he will act more impulsively and may dare attempt things he wouldn't while sober.

If the teen manifest behavioral problems, for example always getting in trouble at school or with the police, always fighting with his parents, then he has a high risk of resorting to Teen Suicide. A common mistake is to consider the shy adolescents more likely to take their own life, but in reality they will never have the courage to go through with it. As opposed to them, the "obnoxious rebels" are more likely to find the "guts" to go through with Teen Suicide.

Statistically speaking, studies indicate that the odds an adolescent will become one of the Suicide Teens increase five times if a gun with live ammunition is present in the house. Having a gun in the house just makes Teen Suicide very easy, due to the fact that killing your self with a firearm is quick and painless. Not having a gun in the house makes it more difficult for the adolescent to act in anger, giving him time to think before making an impulsive decision, and those few precious seconds might just be life saving.

Another survey notes that 50% of the teenagers that have attempted suicide once will try again, because it is very possible that whatever the source that determined them to try it in the first place, it is still present in their life. So if you don't want your child to be just another figure in the statistics of Teen Suicide, try to find out what really upset him in the first place so much as to wish he were dead.

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