Troubled Teens Boarding School Troubled Teens Boarding School Troubled Teens Boarding School
Troubled Teens Boarding School Troubled Teens Boarding School Troubled Teens Boarding School
Troubled Teens Boarding School
Troubled Teens Boarding School

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Troubled Teens Boarding School
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Therapeutic Boarding Schools
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Don't hesitate in contacting us. We want to help you, and your family and/or friends, with all your questions. Contact us at any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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The Adolescent Years can be very difficult and trying for both adolescent and parent alike. Often these years are filled with uncertainty and a lack of direction, leaving the Troubled Teen in a state of confusion and the parents adrift in a sea of hopelessness. Living each day becomes a trial, and family life becomes an endless crisis. Both the teen and the parents begin to wonder if life will ever get better.
If your Adolescent is struggling with any of the following you may need intervention:

Teen Depression bullet Teen Depression
Low Self-Esteem bullet Low Self-Esteem
Manipulative bullet Manipulative Behavior
Gang Involvement bullet Gang Involvement
Can't Keep Friends bullet Can't Keep Friends
Bipolar Disorder bullet Bipolar Disorder
Substance Abuse bullet Substance Abuse
Teen Suicide bullet Suicide Threats
Oppositional Defiant Disorder bullet Oppositional Defiant Disorder
School Problems bullet School Problems
Authority Problems bullet Authority Issues
Pregnant Teens bullet Teen Pregnancy
Destructive Behavior bullet Destructive Behavior
Drastic Mood Swings bullet Drastic Mood Swings
Sexually Active bullet Sexually Active
Bad Peer Group bullet Bad Peer Groups
Refusing to Follow Family Rules bullet Refusing to Follow Family Rules
School Suspension bullet School Suspension
Anger Management bullet Sudden Outbursts of Anger
Cutting or Self Mutalation bullet Cutting or Self Mutalation
Teen Runaways bullet Running Away from Home

If your Troubled Teen is experiencing any of the above diagnosis you are in need of an intervention program. By reading this you have already begun the first step in getting your teen help.

Maybe your teen has not yet seen a physician for treatment but you are experiencing signs of any of the above, we can address these through a qualified treatment program at a Therapeutic Boarding School. Many parents worry that their child is "not that bad" and will be subject to other issues that may cause he/she to become intersted in what other Trouble Teen were involved in. This is not the case with any of the schools that we recommend. These Boarding Schools are structured, secure, and teach many life skills. The Boarding Schools we represent offer 87-92% success rate with some offering a guarantee for success. Call us and we will discuss these options with you.

At Parent Solutions our program is designed to ensure both the adolescent, and the parent, that life CAN and WILL get better through aggressive quality treatment. We have a primary objective of helping Trouble Teen Girl and Troubled Teen Boys gain the skills and courage that it takes to make the changes in their lives that will guarantee a brighter future. Call us today for more information and a free brochure on our therapeutic treatment plan for your child.


If your troubled teens growth, safety, or security are at risk, AND if you feel that you've exhausted all other options, it may be time to employ Therapeutic Residential Treatment, Military Boarding Schools, or Christian Boarding School services. We do not charge for our information, as an Educational Consultant would, and we can have information available to you within a matter of minutes.

The right time to save your Trouble Teen is before he or she is lost to the streets or caught up in drug addiction.

Don't delay until it's too late.

If your defiant teen is in trouble, don't hesitate.

Call now.

(866) 698-3362

We're here to help!

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1st - Call us! We have specialists available 24 hrs and we want to help. If you feel your safety at home is at stake or the welfare of your adolescent may be in danger, there is always someone available here to answer your call and get your Trouble Teen Help that he or she needs. We want to give your adolescent the tools he/she needs to succeed in life. Basic Positive Life Skills, Develop a Positive Self-Image, Obtain a High School Diploma, are just a few of the many things we want for your trouble teen in a therapeutic environment.

2nd - Realize that private, Therapeutic Residential Treatment Centers are not free. These programs, constitute a substantial investment in your child. Therapeutic Boarding, Military Boarding, and Christian Boarding Schools with Therapy are not cheap, but they are affordable. Is your teens future worth the investment? Only you can make that decision. Financing options for these programs are available and we can walk you through the process. You can get approved within 24 hours, and set your payments at a rate you can afford. Please give us a call and we will discuss this further with you. Our toll free number is (866) 698-3362.

3rd - Recognize that not all therapeutic boarding schools are the same. Many Therapeutic Boarding Schools,Military Boarding Schools, and Christian Boarding Schools provide substandard services and the quality of care is not provided. We only recommend programs of the highest quality and will not settle for anything less. Thorough background checks are done on all staff as well as licensing before we recommend any therapeutic treatment program to you. If any of these schools fail to comply with our guidelines, we will not recommend them to you.

4th - Prepare to confront financing, transportation, and other issues associated with Therapeutic Residential Treatment Center placement. We can assist you with every aspect of this process and make this a smooth transition as your stress level is already through the roof. Therefore, in an emergency enrollment all will be arranged effeciently without unnecessary delay. Your Troubled Teen can be enrolled in Residential Treatment Center,Therapeutic Boarding School, or Military Boarding School in less than 24 hrs.

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